The Military Force

Israel has been shaped with its long history of war, with stories of victories and downfall. Israel is continuing its war with its long years of rival and enemy, the Philistines. Israel’s military force has no doubt one of the mightiest in the planet. Long before the story of the victorious war of King David with the giant Goliath, Israel, a not so big country has been the modern-day David, with just selling of oranges and fake teeth to offer, no natural resources to get from, Israel is now one big giant in technology and military forces.

Advancement in Technology

IDFThe country has been the most technologically advanced military. They have been known for using some robotic border patrols to replace soldiers on some of the missions. They have been also known as the first country to use a drone in combat operations. They also have the arrow anti-missile program, the only country in the world to use this kind of defense system in times of war. This system gives the country time and opportunity to formulate a strategy before requiting rocket attacks. The country has Merkava tank, a top-secret tank which is said to be most fatal and secured tanks in the world. Israel may be considered as an underdog, with no resources to get from, just out of its necessity and thirst for survival managed to build and be one of the most powerful military forces in the world.

Peace Is Desired

peaceHaving said these, we, at Go-Kahlon, still believe in the pursuit of peaceful advocacy towards achieving peaceful connections with the other countries. We believe that as military forces of Israel is being technologically advanced. The advancement of technology may be also used in building and making harmonious partnerships with its nearby nations and other countries as well. Advancement of technology may be used in pushing the country’s peaceful relations rather than creating machinery that will destroy lives and the living of a lot of people. Technological innovation is not meant for destroying but by building and reshaping the mindset of both Israel and countries that are against it. In helping us in this pursuit, you may be of help in this endeavor. Get some promo codes and voucher codes of some of our partners in discovering Israel.