Technology and Innovation

Israel is a country that was long before forced to fight for its survival and triumph, which had needs to provide its necessities of its people from its very limited resources. It is now a country who is known for its modern technological advancement. Israel has invested greatly in the research and development of its technology and innovation.


A Leading Country in Innovation

No wonder, in 2019, it has been ranked as the fifth most innovative country in the world by the Bloomberg Innovation Index. Israel has been counted with highest rate counts of scientists and technicians in the world. Israel is also one of the world’s most technologically literate populations and plays a major role in the high-tech industry. The government has been funding its technological advancement in civil research and development and spent 4.3% of its gross domestic product.

technologyThe nation of Israel plays a vital role in research and development and has been a home for the major companies in technology like Intel, Phillips, and Microsoft as some. It can be seen that the influence of Israel to the world has been so dynamic and significant in today’s modern age. As technology plays a very important role in this era. It can be seen that the country has agreements and partnerships with Canada, Europe, and the United States and other countries with the biggest names in the field of technology.
Thus, we, at Go-Kahlon, fight for the continuous advancement of Israel’s journey to not just sustain but surpass every technological advancement man can think of. We also aim to support and have a peaceful agreement with other countries in sharing these discoveries and furthermore connect with some third world country and support them in lifting their economics and way and standard of living.

We, at Go-Kahlon, believe that such discoveries must not only impart and shared to some of the rich countries but more importantly, such advancement in technology must be a gift and help to the countries with struggling performance in technology. We, at Go-Kahlon, also freely give some tips on how to save money on electronics and gives some online voucher codes.