Culture and Philosophy

Israel’s culture has been founded and rooted back to ancient Israel. Israel has been reflected in its Jewish culture and history. The country has a wide array of influences in the world in terms of philosophy, literature, poetry, art, festivals, mysticism and the like that has been rooted in Jewish culture. These influences have been known for not just in their neighboring countries but also to the rest of the world.

wailing wall

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Rich Culture

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the cities that have been the main cultural hub of the country. Tel Aviv, known as the economic and technological center of the country it is also been named by the National Geographic as one of the top ten beach cities. Jerusalem, with also a long history of war, having been destroyed and rebuilt, has a lot to offer at this time especially in this continuous growth in the country’s tourism. The old city of Jerusalem, one of the greatest historical sites in the world. Israel Museum, where a range of exhibits, from artifacts and ancient documents. Mount of Olives is a great sight to see where you can see wonderful views of Jerusalem. The Western Wall is also known as the “Wailing Wall”, a must-see in the city where you can be moved spiritually and emotionally as this wall is the holiest of Jewish sites.


Israel’s population has also been diverse, as many immigrants from different continents and countries have moved in the country. However, it did not change Israel’s strong sense of community. Israel’s culture and influence also came across to the western, Christianity and Islamic civilization. Israel’s philosophy can be greatly found in the bible. The country’s cuisine was also formed by the country’s history, some archaeological records and written sources showed that the everyday diet of the ancient Israelites was been revolved with bread, grains, and legumes. However, as the country continued to thrive it also developed its cuisine, in the modern age, Israeli’s got some fusion of local ingredients and dishes. And we, at Go-Kahlon, are in pursuit of developing these culture that transpires to different parts of the world. Our website visitors may acquire special discounts and voucher codes from some of our partners in exploring Israel.