We, at Go-Kahlon, believe in the strong influence and impact of Israel to the rest of the world. We believe in the strengths and talents of its people. We support every Israeli’s right and pride; thus, we are in support of fighting for what is best for the nation and its people.

We, at Go-Kahlon, work to support and be an advocate of Israeli’s pride and rights. As Israel is known for its rich history and culture, we, at Go-Kahlon. aim to share its richness and showcase Israel’s culture, tradition and historical places to the rest of the world. Israel plays a big role not just in today’s modern age but also from the roots of most of the other countries’ development and other cultures way of life. As we, at Go-Kahlon, believe that Israel, a promised land, needs to be united in all of its aspects, may it be political, economic or in the religious aspect, we aim to unite Israel and its citizen towards building a better and more progressive nation. We believed as well that Israel must continue to showcase its strength, forces, and richness by believing that Israel plays a vital role in today’s age, being a nation that was set apart by the Almighty.

dome of the rock

Israel, built and founded by its long years of wars loses and victory, still existing triumphantly and manage to prove the rest of the world its sovereignty. Different scriptures and writings, from the Bible of the Christians, Torah of the Jewish and Koran of the Islam, has been evidence of Israel’s greatness in history, it may be in the art of war, religion or traditions. A lot of countries have been changed by the influence of Israel’s religion, just like Christianity, as most of the European, Asian, African, Australian, and other culture embraced the said religion and Islam for most of the Middle East countries. These religions have been a foundation of ethics and culture for a lot of countries. Thus, having this kind of influence to the world, we at Go-Kahlon, believe that Israel must continue to thrive and flourish its impact to the ends of the earth by having united mindset and belief of its purpose to the world. Having this mission and vision at heart, we also believe that transparency between Israel’s government and its people must be shown, thus we are in belief that exposing also some inappropriate actions of anyone, may it be actions of the government, religion or any other group that may affect the country’s decency and rectitude must be put to light.

As influencing the world comes also in welcoming other culture and people, we aim to strengthen also Israel’s connection with the other countries by our tourism. We, at Go-Kahlon, believe in impartiality and openness to other culture as well. Promoting other country’s pride and splendor is our way also of building a strong relationship with other nation. We had partnered with some European countries, such as this is the Netherlands, also known for its epic Amsterdam Holiday, made famous by some of Amsterdam top sightseeing and Amazing Amsterdam city trip. With 3,357KM distance, with 3.72 hours travel to arrive by air, Israel and the Netherlands has wonderful connections that help each country build together. In continuous partnership with each other, offering special discounts, voucher codes and promo codes on some of the flights and tourism offers is our one way of helping both cultures to discover each other and learn from each other.


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